Showcase Chairs

Lee Draper
Showcase Queen Creek Life Platform Life Super App, CEO
My name is Lee Draper. My wife is Laurie. We are part of the most amazing digital platform available!! The Life Platform/Starfish Perks! You can re...
Jovet Soon
Showcase Mesa Infinite Power Solar, Owner/Solar Consultant
Hello there! I am Chinese Filipino and can speak 3 languages. My advocacy is to help other people and that's the reason why we are also in the sola...
Allison Hammond
Showcase Monday ResponsAble People and Company, Founder and Creator
Allison Hammond, Ed.D. is passionate about visual facilitation and her mission is to transform the ways individuals and groups plan for the future....
Kat Castro
Showcase Scottsdale Century 21 Arizona Foothills
Michele Riechman
Showcase Goodyear Michele Riechman LLC.