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Julie's mission is to get meditation taught in schools while empowering all ages to think bravely and act boldly! She was inspired to deliver her first TEDx Talk on precisely this topic, discussing her journey of reaching this realization and the fun, quick daily mindfulness practice called a Time Within she created for kids to do every morning that boosts self-confidence and cultivates a can-do attitude. Her first children's book ''Which Would YOU Choose?'' is infused with brave thinking principles to teach emotional intelligence by guiding children to learn how choosing better thoughts leads to better feelings which encourage better actions, producing better results in our lives! Julie is a certified Life Transformation Illumination Guide & DreamBuilder Coach through the Mary Morrissey Brave Thinking Institute. Her mission is to get the Time Within practice implemented in schools worldwide and to guide others to realize each one of us has all we need within to create a magical life we truly love living.

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