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About Us

Hi, nice to meet ya! My name is Melody.

I started Mepa Digital as a way to connect with other small businesses and brands. No matter what industry your biz is in, you deserve a quality online presence & I'm here to help.

Tell me, what would you be doing right now if you had more time? As a business owner, you’ve got to juggle multiple hats. that is why I'm here to assist you with all things social media and creative. Whether you’re in the beginning phase of designing your logo, or you just need a hand with posting online more consistently, together we can create the best digital space for your biz.

Graphic design, brand development, social media content calendars, social media content creation (think full-on photo + video shoots) for Facebook, Instagram reels, Tiktok, illustrations, edits. basically, if it involves any creativity, I'm your girl.

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Melody Parra